Home decor

In decorating their own home, everyone tries to make coziness and comfort, and various decor for the house and individual rooms helps in this. When equipping a room, a person does everything as shown in the films. Most of the ideas for furnishing a room, designers draw from movies, cartoons, or books. There is a real storehouse of style from Empire to hi-tech.

Varieties of home decor

Design is a pretty complicated thing. Here, as in fashion, there should be a sense of style, a sense of beauty, and a combination of colors. All items should be successfully combined, complement each other and make every centimeter of the room useful. Various types of details are used in interiors:

Wall decor.

Includes paintings, canvases, panels, abstractions, stuffed animals. Everything that can be attached to the wall, from a simple garland to themed paintings.

Home fragrances.

The product category includes aroma sticks, aroma diffusers, aroma stones, and home perfumes. To do this, it creates a single aesthetic in the room, making it recognizable and desirable.


Helps to concentrate all things in one area. The product tidies up not only the closet but also the work table, kitchen, and free space. There are modifications for bottles, underwear, cosmetics, bath accessories, and outerwear.


Decorative items for storing small items. There are wooden, metal, plastic. Shapes, sizes, colors, and themes are selected individually by the owner of the premises.


This detail not only helps to cope with the switched-off lights but also effectively complements the house. They can be used to decorate shelves, floors, tables, or any other furniture. They are often chosen for their colors and shapes, creating interesting compositions following the interior of the room.

The subtleties of combining details in certain styles

Provence theme is based on simplicity, comfort, light shades. All products in the house should be mostly made of wood. Designers prefer to use natural colors and materials. Therefore, in the interior, you can see many colors and floral motifs, lightness, and ease. All paintings on the walls are framed in wood.

In futurism, it is important to adhere to practicality, emptiness, gadgets, technology, minimalism. This style is completely based on influences from a distant planet, where equality and simplicity reign. Such home decoration should be done with minimal use of your decoration. It is better to choose simple pictures, put a minimum of things on the table, and use steel, chrome, glass, and plastic in the interior.

Minimalism is somewhat similar to futurism, only here the correct organization of the space in the room is acceptable. When arranging furniture and decor, it is worth looking at their functionality and level of utility. In such houses, it is recommended to use white parts with aluminum and steel. Similar methods are applied to the loft-style, only metalized and steel parts are more appreciated there.

The Empire style is more typical for castles or at least country houses. In an ordinary apartment, such a decoration will look a little strange. The style combines luxury, brutality, aggression, and arrogance. All the best goods that shout about wealth are collected in design. You can peep the principle of creating decor in this style in films about Napoleon or the French kings.